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12/27/08:  Rights, Politics, and Reality.  Mrs. Ebadi's Human Rights Office.

12/22/08:  Illusion.  Ahmadinejad still the man to beat in Iran's election

11/09/08:  Vision of Change.  What we Iranians need for a change. 

07/18/08:  The Psychological War.  A Fear Mongering Game

08/05/07:  Myths in Profiling.  The rebirth of dogmatism.

08/02/07:  Religious Profiling.  Propagating hate mongering against humanity.

07/24/07:  The Politic of Politics.  Good Guys versus Bad Guys.

04/24/07:  Vigilantism.  Taking the law in your own hand.

04/21/07:  300.  A note on missing points in the movie.

02/06/07:  Existential Threat  Imperialism in disguise of Intelligence.

01/30/07:  Charlatanism  Imperialism in disguise of Secularism.

01/23/07:  Smart Bush  An Analogy to his State of Union Speech.

01/11/07:  A New Hole in the President's Speech.

12/30/06:  Executing the Scapegoat  A Note on Saddam's Execution.

12/17/06:  Person of the Year    Times Magazine 2006.

12/12/06:  Sophistry  Deceptive Fallacy.  

08/14/06:  Biased Media  A Note on 34 days of killing. 

08/01/06:  Monsters  A Tale of Two Monsters.

07/07/06:  The New Media  Is it a Promise?

06/22/06:  Arrogance  Intellectual and Emotional Casualties

06/20/06:  Treason  The New Meaning of Treason

06/06/06:  Carrots and Sticks  Incentives and Punishment.

06/05/06:  Amir Taheri  A case for awarding fabrication.

04/26/06:  Trouble Makers  The US Versus Iran.

04/19/06:  April 19  A sad anniversary I will never forget.

04/18/06:  Hitler Bush  A new war in the making.

03/16/06:  Trend  A note on American National Security Strategy.

02/07/06:  Octopus A note on some Iranian Media and IAEA.

01/31/06:  Fussing A note on Double Standard Democracy.

07/04/05:  Hot Air A note on Pressidential Election in Iran.

11/03/04: Democracy A note on Pressidential Election in America.

10/13/04: Undecided Kingmakers in Presidential Election.

05/24/04: Abutorture  Erasing the Foot Print of Torture!

05/22/04: New World Order  Is it a Promise?

03/21/04: Terrorism How to neutralize terrorism

01/09/04: Beasts  A Tale of two beasts: World War II and Iraq.

11/09/03: Nobel   West treats the rest of the world as less than equal.

09/30/03: Deception A note on Deception in Politics.

10/05/03: Governors  Persian Candidates for the Office of Governor in California. 

06/25/03: Politics Hands off America, let Iranian people decide their own fate. 

05/29/03: Journalists explore the real motives in the world affair.

05/14/03: Not a Game The war is a game only to thugs who play it that way.

05/08/03: Misperception Double Standards in perceptions.

04/29/03: Power vs Truth Is truth relevant facing power?