I am amazed of how many of us still fall for charlatanism.  How hatred for religion, especially Islam, has blinded the so called seculars NOT to see the ferocious and belligerent imperialism in order to blame everything on Islam and Muslims.  At least Muslim intellectuals do not seem to confuse seculars with imperialists as much.


The following video is amazing, and interesting but ONLY to the extent she so conveniently forgets about all the crimes committed by Christians and Jews.  It is equally amazing how she ignores the fact that suicide bombers are not the byproduct of religion, but extreme oppression.  While I do not deny Holocaust, I do not believe Nazis were as cruel to Jews as Zionists are to Palestinians.  At least it did not last for six decades.  It is interesting to note she claims to be a secular, but defends Christianity and Judaism against Islam ignoring the source of almost all her misinterpreted verses to come from Old and New Testaments.  Quran is, by all accounts, a continuation of Torah, and Bible.  In other words; it is the Newer Testament and as such it is more realistic and more civilized.  


I do not intend to cite historical backgrounds of crusaders, etc.  But I have to repeat the question I raised late in September of 2001:  In our modern time, did anyone ever call Tim McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber, a Christian terrorist?  While Ben Ladden is a Muslim, the 9/11 tragedy was political not religious.  Oklahoma bombing was NOT political; it was a religious revenge for David Koresh.  


Obviously, she is a freelance mouthpiece against Muslims for imperialism; not an agent for Israel.  Otherwise, she would have known about Israelis atrocities in the name of Jews, and yes they are smart enough not to talk about it.  The video clip does not show equal time for the opposing view, but even if did, it would’ve been a stupid religious rebuttal as we see in his reference to heresy.  I doubt if the clergy is even a devoted Muslim, but rather a paid agent of imperialism as the rest of the crew.


While the west oppressed Jews for centuries, it was ONLY Muslim countries and Muslims who embraced Jews.  And long before that it was Cyrus the Great who delivered them from bondage.  Please watch it again:



Mohamad Purqurian

January 30, 2007