Biased Media


Right after the UN Security Council resolution 1701 went to effect on Monday August 15, 2006, Associated Press issued a report.  It included a very revealing fact: 


ďIsrael then launched an air and ground offensive, and 4 1/2 weeks of combat has killed at least 789 people in Lebanon - mostly civilians- and 154 Israelis, including 115 soldiers.Ē


Now letís do a simple arithmetic check to see who killed MORE civilians.  Obviously, a lot more Lebanese were killed, but letís use ratios.  Of 154 Israelis 115 of them were soldiers.  That is 75% (115 divided by 154).  In other words, for ever 4 killings by Hezbollah, only one civilian was a collateral damage.  On the other hand, Israel killed 5 times more Lebanese (789 divided by 154).  The report does not say how many of them were Hezbollah fighters, but it does say mostly civilians.  You decide who could claim collateral damage, and who was in fact the new Hitler of our time in the last 34 days?


The report is a long one, so is the following media I received from so many good friends:  Please take your time, it is about 80 minutes.  But it is indeed revealing.  I have to make one comment about it: one of the commentators keeps comparing American Media with BBC of Britain in favor of the latter.  Donít be confused, apparently it was recorded before Zionism took control of BBC!  Here it is:



Mohamad Purqurian

Aug 14, 2006