There is a nucleus of Iranian media that believes everything against Iran is good because it will contribute to a regime change that is automatically assumed to become democratic!!!  Regardless of how simple minded this belief is, it is also an important tool used against Iran.  In other words; it is the misleading machine against the interest of our people.


This same machine, in its octopus forms, was used against Reza shah when he was nullifying British conspiracy to separate Khuzestan from Iran.  Then, it was used against Mossadegh when he was nationalizing Iranian Oil Reserve.  It was also used against the late shah when he took a high speed road to modernizing Iran.  Now it is used against the Islamic Republic for its peaceful pursuit of nuclear energy.


So I am more concerned with the interest of our people in the world arena than who governs Iran.  I think enough is enough for sacrificing our national interest in blaming our government facing imperialistic pressure of world powers.  While regime change is inevitable no matter who or what type of government is in control, our national interest far outweighs our differences on the type of government because sooner or later we will have a new regime expanding on corruption before you know it.  It is nice to be idealistic; it is quite another story to deal with inherent attributes of greed and self served propaganda.


Yet wake up and smell the most promising trend of our young generation who intelligently makes a distinction between Internal and external affairs.  The same students who go to the extreme to protest the abuse of human rights, rally behind the same government for the right to a peaceful technology.  This is the amazing new phenomenon coupled with the most per capita ratio of smart students in the region that scares the hell out of New World Order Imperialists. 


It is absurd to listen to infamous Iranian talk shows that praise demonstrators who sided with Iraq against their homeland.  At least they have not changed.  They always side with any power broker against Iran.  It is equally absurd to notice how this nucleus of Iranian media ignores the wheeling and dealings of the Bush administration.  Like the case of Mohamed ElBaradei whom they wanted to oust last year, but turned him into a docile leg to advance New World Order agenda.  Read his acceptance speech for Nobel Peace Prize. 


Mr. ElBaradei ignores the stockpile of nuclear warheads already in the hands of world powers, and HUMBLY states “my colleagues and I work to keep nuclear materials out of the reach of extremist groups.”  And, of course, not only the “extremist groups” is a phrase reinvented and publicized by the Bush administration after its fiasco in Iraq to use against any country they so choose, but also its double standard application excludes the extremist regimes of China and Israel because they already have it.  Mr. ElBaradei also ignores the most important mission of the agency to HELP non nuclear power states to develop the technology for peaceful purposes.  Thus, a populist endeavor to a technology should be deprived because it MAYBE diverted to WMD.  In short, the agency is simply a club for nuclear power states to dictate their double standard rules to its second class members.


It is indeed sad to note how an otherwise useful agency turns into a political apparatus for the benefit of imperialistic agenda.  It is also sad to note such an agency loses its credibility, as Bush administration did.  While its members make a political deal or two here and there, its function is no longer in the best interest of the world peace.  As international agencies become powerhouse channels for self appointed judges of the world, it will ultimately lead the wretched people of the world into the slaughter house of terrorism.  The taller the wall of force between nations, the more terrorism is justified.  Maybe that is exactly what global imperialists are looking for; because the more the spread of terrorism, the more warmongers can curb freedom, peace, and liberty around the world to enjoy looting our planet resources for hoarding weapons of mass destruction.   


I do not rule out the possibility of an atomic armed Islamic Republic of Iran.  But anyone who is concerned about an ayatollah’s finger on the red button of a nuclear bomb should be scared to death to have a new born Christian declare himself the self appointed mind reader of other governments.  One should be frightened to see him forging non existence documents to pave his way in bullying helpless people of a targeted country.  Even more frightening is to see a DEMOCRATIC country have a stockpile of over ten thousand nuclear warheads because you will never know when a power wielder like Bush or Cheney finds it necessary to use them.  Remember, they are not rulers for life who can spare the time.  They are elected officials like Hitler who have neither the time nor the tolerance to exercise prudence.  Isn’t that ironic?!


The west politics against Iran is not for peace.  It has never been that way, and I doubt if it will ever be.  It is just ridiculous to listen to the U.S. making a case against Iran when no country has ever been as cooperative with IAEA as Iran was in recent years.  It is true; Iran was less than transparent in its nuclear activities for so long.  But who expects a prudent government to be transparent when its arch enemy not only controls the world affairs, but also helped Saddam to invade and bomb its cities at the time.  It is like ordering Iran, come on … tell us what and where you have your research and development facilities so that we order Saddam to destroy them!


Furthermore, didn’t Israel, Pakistan and India secretly develop their own nuclear warheads under the nose of the U.S.?  Didn’t CIA fire Richard Barlow who discovered an early incarnation of Pakistani physicist Abdul Qadeer Khan's illegal nuclear proliferation network?

According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists “CIA employee Richard Barlow discovered that Pakistan, with the blessing of the Reagan and Bush I administrations, was able to buy restricted nuclear technology-related items in the United States. Barlow also unmasked a coordinated attempt by the U.S. intelligence community to lie to Congress about Pakistan's activities …The Reagan and Bush I administrations covered up Barlow's discoveries because, at the time, they needed Pakistan's help to fund and supply the Afghans in their bloody fight with the Soviets.”  Unfortunately, it is all politics, and not an iota of truth in the claim for peace.  That is how the world turns.


Iran is the best country to apply rigorous safeguards for a peaceful nuclear technology.  Not only Iran went beyond what was required by NPT for confidence building, it is also possible to prevent it from diverting the low grade enriched uranium for peaceful use to high grade for military purposes. 


There is no need to humiliate a nation and force it to transfer its enrichment program out of the country to a less democratic state like Russia.  Have the IAEA do its job and apply technologically feasible safeguards in the process.  The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists offers one such option “to spike low-enriched uranium hexafluoride with thorium. If the spiked material is introduced into an enrichment plant to make highly enriched uranium, as opposed to the low-enriched uranium used for nuclear fuel, the presence of radioactive thorium would sound an alarm.”


Then again, the pretext for a hostile approach leaves little room for a peaceful cooperation no matter how loud the empty drums echo peace and stability or how ridiculous it is for a handful of world powers to claim: The WORLD has spoken!



Mohamad Purqurian

Feb. 07, 2006