Executing the Scapegoat


What was the rush to send Saddam to the gallows?


Let’s put aside what we are to believe as an obvious coincidence marking the end of a year in which Bush had nothing to brag about or the sensation for a possible war with Iran!  After all, Bush had to complete his mission in Iraq before starting a new one!  In fact, he fell asleep before Saddam was executed!   So, a written statement ON his behalf was also read IN his behalf!


Just about three years ago I commented on Saddam’s capture in A Tale of Two Beasts  published by Iranian.com on January 12, 2004:


“Meanwhile the ultimate beast in the white house is well dressed to have his poster painted in Saddam’s cell.  To add a spice of bitterness, he had to make sure his painting on the wall is accompanied by painting of dead bodies of Saddam’s sons.  No torture is, of course, intended as it is just a 24 hour reminder to the crushed beast to not count on his sons for revenge.  In a way it is like going back in time for centuries to witness a triumphant tyrant gloating over a defeated fool for not having killed the cub before plotting for his dad’s assassination!  Yet, Saddam expresses his anger over the posters by cussing his sons.  Something like I should’ve killed you dead myself as you were never of any use to me!  Oh no, he would not offend the smiling presidential poster.  He has a plan to save it for a show down in an international court of justice as if his master is a fool to allow such a tribunal.  Even if he does, the real devil will survive in the maze of technical procedures as he has seen it happen in favor of so many criminals in the great land of justice.”


Let’s just take it as a coincidence that Slobodan Milošević died of heart attack while in custody of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for crimes against humanity in Kosovo, Croatia, and Bosnia.  Let’s also take this as a coincidence that Saddam was hanged before any chance of taking him to such a Tribunal for similar crimes in Iran and Kuwait.  As always, the wheeling and dealings of world powers against the third world nations are immaterial as long as their puppets receive a fair trial that was denied to the victims of their brutal regimes!  Last but not least, who wants to defend Iran’s rights anyway?!


“And as the law of the jungle is rewritten for American occupation, once again a great civilization is falling apart.  Liberty and justice for all is redefined to match those of medieval church for celestial scripture where only sacred authorities could tell who was considered people and who was not.  No Christian of good heart could feel comfortable using blacks as slave or killing Indians if they were considered people!  That is, as it was then, the fundamental question facing believers.  It only takes a new form in our time.  The rest of the world is not yet ready for freedom and democracy (only people are!) as if malicious tyrants controlling the blood life of global economy and military might are.”



Mohamad Purqurian

December 30, 2006