Not a game
The war was a game only to thugs who played it that way

Looks like we live in a time when bullies have the “right” to call anyone anything. It reminds me of thugs in the neighborhood. When I looked at the title “Where are you vermin?” I was not outraged. I was not even going to read it, but a couple of words caught my eyes. Yes, “anti-war demonstrators” were not something I could ignore.

Frankly, I did not expect The Iranian to be so indiscreet to let such words as “vermin” and “f**k” be published against millions of people who opposed the war. But that is not the point, because I may want to ask for an equal opportunity to do the same against my enemies! On a rather serious matter, the baseless foundation of the pompously worded argument is what I want to address here.

The author asks where anti-war demonstrators are. I wonder if he lacks the common sense that an anti-war demonstration is to prevent and stop a war that could kill innocent people. What would be the purpose of an anti-war demonstration when the war is declared over? Is it to organize new anti-war demonstration luring warmongers to kill more to prove us right because we were wrong and horrified by the prediction that “hundreds of thousands Iraqis” would be killed?

While I do not intend to quantify it, because the sanctity of life is so great that even one dead person from either side is too many, innocent people did get killed. It is cowardly warmongers being protected by advanced technology and body guards who treat an innocent life as a pawn to quantify it.

The author fails to appreciate the fact that it was not a game to prove who won. I bet millions of anti-war people all around the globe prayed for innocent lives to be saved. Anti-war people are not ashamed, but relieved that the military phase of the war is over and its casualty is by far less than what they were “horrified” to predict.

Again, it was a game only to thugs who played it that way. It was a game for brain washed dupes who think the gang of warmongers had no other interests in that war except helping Iraqis get rid of the puppet who no longer served the master! Now, come on Mr. Know-it-All. Do you really believe in what you want us to take as your sacred wisdom? Or did I misread your ingenious sarcasm.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, “Where is the joy in fighting multifaceted, complex enemies struggling with inner doubt and anxiety?” Is he going to use the same logic in favor of the Islamic Republic who fought the same enemy for eight years? At least they did not start it. Then again maybe not, because you could easily exonerate Saddam for a preemptive war for peace! America loved the puppet when he used WMD against our fellow citizens or his own people.

While helping its puppet, the US pretended impartiality in Iraq-Iran war, but it could not stand it when the puppet got a wrong signal to attack Kuwait. A good portion of the world population wonders why there is no ultimatum for Israel for possessing WMD, and breaking numerous UN resolutions. Why Palestinians have no right to their own land, but Iraqis are blessed to enjoy America’s handpicked new ruler for the sake of democracy. As Hadi Khorsandi put it so well, poor Iraqis should be prepared for a new war when the new puppet forgets who put him in power!

One last note: USSR was an evil empire all right, but again, come on Mr. Know-it-All. Was it the Evil Empire? How conveniently you baptize well-dressed Iranian traitors who enjoy illegal Cuban cigars in the US. Yeah right, the mother ship of Iranian traitors sank in your quasi dream.

It is still a long way to go, but I’ve to take a nap before being bombarded by nonsense from angry dupes who think I am a traitor because I am against the US "liberating" Iran!


Mohamad Purqurian
May 14, 2003