Existential Threat


I did not read the following article in its entirety:


Iran's weakened hard-liners crave a US attack
Christian Science Monitor, February 6, 2007


But here is the opening statement I am troubled with.  It comes from the second generation of the so called Iranian intellectuals who either join the cohort of imperialist think tanks or throw themselves in on even a more blatant way to subdue the interests of their own country for the benefit of imperialism:


From the rhetoric of President Bush to his dispatch of Patriot air-defense systems and a second carrier battle group to the Persian Gulf, there are growing signs that the Bush administration is showing its willingness to solve the Iranian nuclear crisis with a preemptive military attack. The already tense US-Iran relationship is now a tinderbox.


Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was correct in stating recently that Iran is "acting in a very negative way" in the Middle East. The Islamic Republic trains and supports Hizbullah and Hamas. It provides aid and explosives to Iraqi Shiite militias who attack American soldiers. Most alarming, it seems determined to develop a nuclear bomb. This panics moderate Arab states and poses an existential threat to Israel. The ruling mullahs in Tehran terrorize their own citizens, especially pro-democracy groups.”


Well, the first paragraph is simply to augment the fear factor.  It follows by certifying the new face of the warmongers as roonovesht barabar e asl ast.  Wow!  The very gang who messed up the region by invading Iraq on lies and deceits, self asserts that Iran is acting in a very negative way and our beloved Iranian intellectual joins them to say he is CORRECT!  While the rest speaks for itself, one thing is very ironic.  It sys:


“This panics moderate Arab states and poses an existential threat to Israel.”  Apparently “moderate” is the polite translation for “puppet”, but more importantly is the “existential threat to Israel.” 


Hello, is there anyone out there to deal with the existential threat to Iran posed by the belligerent Israel?  Who are they kidding?  Are they looking for another several hundred thousands, if not millions, of innocent Iranians to sacrifice for mullahs as they did in Iraq for Saddam?


The article goes on to oppose bombing Iran, but it is simply to suggest doing so is a legitimate option in a subliminal way.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Just let Iranians alone.



Mohamad Purqurian

February 06, 2007.