Wake up Mr. Journalist
Journalists do not take the extra step to explore the real motives in the world affair

I wish I could say I could neither believe my eyes nor my ears when a respected Iranian journalist relayed a distorted message for democracy to mean anarchy. But it is a new reality we are facing now. It reminded me of warmongers who told reporters “boys are having fun” when Iraq’s national / world treasure was being ruined by professional looters, but ordered shooting petty thieves who were left to loot broken furniture.

Yes, I know, they backed off of the order to shoot, later. But come on, Bush was well aware of his real interest to warn Saddam’s regime not to put oil wells on fire. He, of course, had no ear for his highly qualified human cultural advisors who warned him of some of the world’s most treasurable articles mankind had in Iraq’s national museum, long before the war. Well, they resigned in protest, but does it help?

On the economic front, our respected journalist goes to a great detail to downplay the important role of oil for invasion. He also conveniently disregards its enormous political effects. You don’t have to be an expert to realize when you control most of the world’s oil; you don’t have to play with the price. You favor the ones you love and punish those you hate.

Americans are experts in that maneuver. They have done it for years using their semi monopoly on arms. Remember Iran-Contra Affair when almost $30 million of our national money was transferred to Nicaragua for an arms deal worth of $10 million.

Now that the new tyrant does not even care about the UN, it has another tool in its arsenal. A defiant nation will have to seek oil illegally. Oh, yes. It may become a new scandal or declassified later. But don’t hold your breath, such scandals are going to be extinct, and declassification is already sacrificed for the sake of homeland security.

Yes, the new well equipped tyrant of the world has no problem with Iraqi Journalists to be “embedded” reporters for becoming harbingers of the so called gift of democracy. But our generation has experienced it too well to know how your permit to publish will be revoked for the conflict of interests with, yes, the sacred government or the installed one for that matter.

By the way, contrary to what our respected journalist is tempted to believe, a permit is always required to do business. You must be out of touch of reality, for decades, not to realize our fellow citizens paying heavy penalties for doing business without a permit in the Mecca of democracy. Let alone highly educated individuals who were deported for being forced to take low paid jobs without a work permit.

With all the due respect, wake up Mr. Journalist. A new tyrant has conquered the world. If you cannot see how history is repeating itself right in front of your eyes, then revisit your history books. Tyrants almost always grew out of great civilizations. It was always a military might, sometimes to save an economic might in danger. You don’t even have to go too far back. Hitler was more popular than Bush is. He sold a bogus claim of national interest to his people only to crack down his opponents.

Yes, a preemptive war for peace is a new phenomenon to American history, but nothing is ever original with warmongers. Old con men do the war, youths get killed. Peaceniks were always accused of being unpatriotic. The marginal were always bullied to suppress voicing their opinion. Prominent national figures were always ridiculed for their opposition to war. And yes, there were always a captive innocent people who paid the ultimate price. It was Jews for Hitler. It is Palestinians for Sharon, and foreigners “within and without” for Bush.

Yes foreigners who live in the land of freedom are deprived of their equal rights. Some of them are kept in jails for national security reasons. It is not, of course, a Holocaust. At least I hope not, but wait to hear stories like those of Jews in Hitler’s time.

And please don’t insult Iranian intelligence for “free” buzz word for Iraqis and Afghanis. Just explain why the US put Saddam and Taliban in power in the first place. It is Iraqis and Afghanis as “foreigners without” who get killed on a daily basis, even after the war, to pay the ultimate price for the so called new world order.

It is an unfair world alright, but it has always been like that. It is just so sad our journalists do not take the extra step to explore the real motives in the world affair. Or worst they try to beguile their own people in favor of a super power. Even worst looking up to a tyrant to please come on and be our master!

I remember, during the previous regime we used to say if Iran is the nth state of the US, we would like to live in one of the 50 states! It is not funny. The new reality is even worst now. Bush administration can do anything, and I mean anything to Iraqis without being responsible to any organization, anywhere. Despite all the new restrictions, it does not have any power remotely comparable to that in the US.

Is that what we want? If not, then let's clean up our mess ourselves.

Peace                                            ,

Mohamad Purqurian

May 29, 2003