The New Meaning of Treason


The title of this semi article is borrowed from a great book by Rebecca West I read about twenty five years ago.  While it focuses on public trials of some infamous British traitors during World War II, it shows how Hitler used British individuals for his propaganda machine against Britons.  I strongly recommend everyone to read the book.  However, we are dealing with a new breed of traitors against developing countries in general, and Iran in particular as we speak.  Most of these individuals abhor mullahs and Islam to the extent; they are delighted by the confrontation this administration is taking against Muslim countries.  In fact, they welcome a nuclear threat against their own country.  Especially if it means killing millions of people for the unforgivable crime of being Muslims that translates to a majority supporting mullahs!  Isn’t this a New Meaning of Treason against humanity?


That is the sad reality.  A reality they tried so hard to obfuscate in the name of democracy for so long.  The recent elections of Iran and Palestine, however, ruined their facade of window dressing.  In other words, a democratic election is an election that is in favor of imperialistic superpower of the world, and not the one that is the will of the majority of the people.  You may disagree with their choice, but imperialism is NOT you and I; it does not allow them to independently understand democracy even if it means being WRONG!!!


In a far smaller scale, I receive numerous emails in response to my two cents opinions.  I am humbled by the degree of kind words I receive.  I also used to receive a few bags of gift wrapped “Bad o Birah”, but I removed their email addresses from my list.  While they could visit my site and keep unloading their anger on me, they didn’t, except for one:  Mr. Amil Imani.  Originally I called him Mr. X for the sake of saving his face.  However, I received numerous inquiries for his real name.  Some of these inquiries suspected other names.  I found this suspicion unethical, and decided to reveal his name. 


Mr. Amil Imani started sending me emails around the beginning of Iraq war.  So I included his email address in my list.  Ever since he kept forwarding something against Islam or in favor of warmongers after every single article I published.  The more I read them, the more I realized how back warded some people are in fueling hatred no matter the age, technology, civilization, and the time.  I share the same blame for my hatred against warmongers, but I truly believe in peace.  I lost my own brother in Iran Iraq war, but I was totally against America waging a wrong war against Iraqi people for removing Saddam.  I believe warmongers and, especially, war profiteers are the real terrorists.  The rest is simply a matter of “cause and effect” arguments. 


In response to a recent article of mine (Carrots and Sticks) He sent me an audio clip cursing Islam in nuisance, I sent him a note.  He didn’t like it.  I tried not to make it personal.  Then, following my new article Hejab in Persian, he sent me another article of his.  I let him know I did not read it.  Since he considers himself a poet, and a pro democracy writer, I decided to share with you our last few emails.  I do not omit a single word except the article I did not read.  Here they are:



I start it with my response to his audio clip:

Dear Mr. Amil Imani;


I thank you for the link.  I think everything in that clip can be said about other religions, namely Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Judaism, etc.


There was one point made in the audio I liked the most.  The one about submitting our heritage to foreigners.  Don't you think some of us are doing exactly what our fathers did 1500 years ago?  I mean they embraced Arabs in the name of Islam, and we are embracing western imperialism in the name of Democracy.


Last but not least, how do you feel having a bandit set your house on fire just because your tenant is BAD?  That is exactly what is happening in Iraq.



Mr. Amil Imani Replied:

Dear Sir,


You are very wrong. It cannot be said about other religions. Unfortunately, many Iranians such as yourself have fallen in this well. Your hatred of the west, and Israel is so immense, that you forget that Iran is under the occupation of the most savage form of system known to the history of man.


I am sorry to say this, what you are doing is prolonging the reign of terror in our country. I do not see much difference between those suede-intellectuals and Mr. Ahmadinejad.  As along as you waste your time in condemning the west, you are helping Islamic terrorists in Iran.



I replied:

Obviously, "You are very wrong" too.  Please do some research on other religions before making such claims.  I maybe in a well of hatred, but I am not blind.  I do not want to make it a personal issue by responding to your unfounded personal attacks.



Mr. Amil Imani did not reply, but following my new article Hejab in Persian, he sent me another article I did not read.  So I replied:

My friend!


The very first sentence "Why Islam Is In Shambles" of your email stopped me from reading the rest of it WITHOUT a question mark!!!


I am not being sarcastic, but you thought my "hatred of the west and Israel" was so immense.  Look at the mirror my friend; this attribute of yours against Islam is beyond belief!  In fact, the audio clip you sent me was nothing more than that.


The major religions of the world are more or less the same.  Even if they are not, neither you nor I can change that.  You have to live with the reality, and try to find a common ground for peace.



Mr. Amil Imani Replied:

Dear friend,


That was the biggest mistake in your life not reading this particular particle. How in the world you can say a thing before reading it? It shows the level of your brain  I strongly suggest that you pack and leave the United Statse of America where it has given you shelter to live. You are the enemy of Iran and the US. It will not be forgotten


Best wishes,


Please stop forwarding e-mails to me. I have no time to read your garbage.


I replied:

Oh my friend,


You are badly hurt with your emotions.  I sympathize sincerely, but at the same time I refuse to take ORDER from people who are at the MERCY of their emotions and fail logic, but resort to calling names.  I consider myself a true friend of civilized people of Iran and America.  You are at a loss, dearly, my friend.  I am sorry, but I will not read anything from you anymore, you may do the same for the sake of peace.  In fact, I removed your name from my email list.



Mr. Amil Imani Replied:

Any human being who goes by the name of Mohammad, is a Terrorist. Your anti-American rhetoric has been recorded. I am sure the United States is aware of your innuendoes. By the way,  how much does the Islamic Republic is paying you for spewing garbage? You are hurt because I saw right through your ugly face.


Payandeh Iran

Nang bar Khaenin

Nang bar Islam


I replied:

So much for your understanding of terrorism. 


Anyway, I am making it easy for you.  I carbon copy this to FBI, the White House, and the Office of the Vice President.  So they will know how knowledgeable you are about the freedom of speech, and your hatred for peace.  Who knows, maybe you get an offer or some kind of financial rewards for spreading your hatred against Islam.  It is also blind carbon copied to other recipients, but hey, you have to do some work too.  Would you please forward it to the Secretary of State, CIA, and Pentagon?  I certainly appreciate your contribution.


I never wanted to make it personal, and I still respect your opinion, but as an individual you needed someone to bring it up in your face.  Sorry, it is still not personal, JUST business.


BTW, I changed my mind; your emails to me are becoming more and more amusing.  Please keep them coming!  Now, that is personal!!!



In his reply Mr. Amil Imani carbon copied the following selections of my articles to FBI, White House, and Vice President.  Please note every single word is mine.  He simply used my words as a reply!

Enough is enough for sacrificing our national interest in blaming our government facing imperialistic pressure of world powers Mohamad Purqurian aka Steve M Purqurian


I do not rule out the possibility of an atomic armed Islamic Republic of Iran.  But anyone who is concerned about an ayatollah’s finger on the red button of a nuclear bomb should be scared to death to have a new born Christian declare himself the self appointed mind reader of other governments.  One should be frightened to see him forging non existence documents to pave his way in bullying helpless people of a targeted country.

  Even more frightening is to see a DEMOCRATIC country have a stockpile of over ten thousand nuclear warheads because you will never know when a power wielder like Bush or Cheney finds it necessary to use them.  Remember, they are not rulers for life who can spare the time.  They are elected officials like Hitler who have neither the time nor the tolerance to exercise prudence.  Isn’t that ironic


Mohamad Purqurian aka Steve M Purqurian

Don't tell us to stop complaining about the past. Tell the West to stop treating our people as second class citizens of the world. Even more to the point, tell the West to stop repeating its past crimes in new forms.

Economic, military, and technological might is not a cart e blanch to legitimize use of force. Don't use them to sell your own version of democracy. We experienced centuries of tyranny where self centered ruling caliphs oppressed people to force their own version of Islam. As much as they abused Islam for so long, it took the West such a short period of time to cause a lot more damage abusing democracy. What is the difference between their invading sovereign nations in the name of Islam, and the West is doing the same in the name of democracy? Yeah, the West does it for peace too


I replied:

Hopefully, you be invited to the white house!


Thanx for the laugh!



Mr. Amil Imani Replied:

And hopefully you spend the rest of your ugly traitor life in prison.  Khaenin have no place in Iran.


You should be crying, not laughing! Why bar keshvari keh in chenin khaenani parvaresh daadeh.



Mr. Amil Imani has his own site  Please visit his site as a sample of hundreds other so called “pro democracy” sites against our national interests.  If Americans were victims of witch hunting during McCarthyism era, they should see how McCarthy followers are NAME hunting in the new millennium “Any human being who goes by the name of Mohammad, is a Terrorist”


Had I followed our traditional wisdom of ignoring such communications, you would have been deprived of the insights.  We live in a new world in which international crime against humanity is taking place in every conceivable way all the time.  The sad part is it is being claimed for peace!  If there is any contribution from the so called “democratic writers” like Mr. Amil Imani, to our understanding of what is going on, it is by all means, misunderstanding.



Mohamad Purqurian

Original 06/20/06

Updated the real name of Mr. X 06/21/06