Amir Taheri


Did you know George W Bush invited Mr. Amir Taheri to White House right after he fabricated a story to flame religious outrage against Iran?  He is one of the Iranian journalists whom I respected.  I was proved wrong.  In early days of Iraq war, I wrote an article, Wake up Mr. Journalist, on his irrational exuberance.  Since then, I read a number of his dubious stories and had to mention him in my other articles.  


Here is the question.  Why in the world would Bush want to see such a notorious liar?  Is it to reward him for his fabrication?  Is it to repeat the infamous Chalabiís case in intelligence leading to Iraq war?  Or simply to bless the expatriate Iranian community that in his dirty game of lies and innuendo, the top priority is not the truth, but what they want to hear.


Here are two links on Bush and Co in this regard:



Mohamad Purqurian

Monday, June 05, 2006