A Failing Psychological War


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that warmongers who have taken hostage both American and Israeli people would love to attack Iran at all costs.  There is only one small problem; they are NOT in a position to do so in the remaining term of Bush Administration.  They will have to work up Obama or McCain who have both pledged allegiance to the warmongers lobby, AIPAC!  So they keep propagating the FALSE premise that Iran is seeking a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel. 


Assuming Iran is indeed seeking a nuclear bomb, the question to ask is not too complicated:  Why did Israel acquire a nuclear bomb decades ago?  If it were to destroy its hostile Arab neighbors, why it never happened?  And despite her nuclear capabilities, her military might, and her outrageous hatred of Arabs and unprecedented atrocities against Lebanon and Palestine, She never put a finger on the red button of her ready to launch nuclear bomb. 


In my humble opinion, it is not the rhetoric.  It is not Ben Gurion, Sharon or Ahmadinejad.  It is the existential fear that is a second nature to Israel, and her friends all around the world, whether it is 1967, 1973, or the new millennium.  War profiteers will never let that fear –a real issue in old days, but a psychological one nowadays -- fade away because it is the key ingredient to the required tension in the Middle East. 


I do not intend to make an analogy for Iran or her government making a case that she is equally fearful of an existential threat.  Iran is the de facto superpower in the region, and Israel is not a competing force, America is.  It is simply ridiculous to think Iran would initiate a nuclear strike against any American interests in the region, let alone Israel that is already capable of hitting back in no time. 


It is not 1940s when the U.S. used a nuclear bomb against innocent Japanese to end World War II.  It is not when nuclear power was the ONLY criterion for super power status.  It is not even 1960s when competing superpowers played the game of subjugating the rest of the world. 


It is now.  It is when the ONLY superpower of the world is failing and keeps shifting policies towards every single state once named an “axis of evil” It is when nuclear military might of the U.S. loses to a non-nuclear state in winning hearts and minds of Iraqis.  Even the living memory of eight years bloody war between the two people did not work in favor of the U.S.  Interestingly enough, headlines are not about an illegal invasion of a sovereign country, but rather cheap talk of finding a street bomb made in Iran.  That is how pathetic it has become. 


So while a fearful Israel depends on nuclear militarism to stave off her enemies, but NOT to use it against them, Iran never built its rising soft power on that premise.  Thus, it is not the so called “self sacrificing mentality” of mullahs versus the self acclaimed “rational men” in the west.  If anything, it is the opposite where “rational” mullahs insist on Iran’s inalienable right to peaceful nuclear energy, and “fearful mentality” of official “suits” play right into the hands of warmongers who, fortunately for the time being, are bogged down with the mess of their own creation.


In fact, “self sacrificing” mullahs are long gone.  What survived ups and downs of the Iranian revolution are experienced and pragmatically elites who not only passed the test of time in the most complex and hostile environment, but also are far from sacrificing anything for the power they enjoy.


It is against this reality on the ground that confused pundits keep propagating a psychological war.  Here is an example “… the recent reports about Israeli plans and preparations to attack Iran (the period from Nov. 5 to Jan. 19 seems the best bet, as it gives the West half a year to try the diplomatic route but ensures that Israel will have support from a lame-duck White House).”


http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/18/opinion/18morris.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all   Shortcut to the link: http://tinyurl.com/6hb87y


In other words, the “diplomatic route” is the prerequisite to war!  Then why would Iran take part in a step forward against her interests?  Maybe rational mullahs have played out this bluff too often to be scared!  In that case, the real danger is too much self confidence.  Then again, thanks to the same rhetoric for keeping excessive composure at bay.



Mohamad Purqurian

San Diego, July-18-08