The New World leader

Is it a Promise?



Before you know it, we will have a new face in the White House.  Maybe not, but this is the most likely scenario in the world of politics.  Bush will be defeated, and kingmakers will have their new man in the office.  But who are kingmakers?


Some of us think of a different breed of John Does to be the mysterious kingmakers, but the media wants everyone to believe it is THE undecided voters in the swing states who will have the final word on election 2004.  They must have convinced both Bush and Kerry to do everything they can to win their support.  It is the same old game alright, but I like what Andy Rooney of 60 minutes said: They are not undecided, they are stupid!


Just think about it.  How could a reasonable person remain undecided for so long.  How could a sensible human being ignore everything that is happening all around him/her and wait for a magic performance in a few debates to make up his/her mind.  I can go on and on, but the point is crystal clear; undecided voters do not share our common sense!  Yet they are the ones who choose the new world leader!


Whatever your political affiliation, you are most likely a follower of your party lines.  You will have no problem shifting the blame to your opponents, and keep all the credits for your party.  That is, of course, common sense!  Neither Swift Boat ads nor Fahrenheit 9/11 (assuming you take the time to pay attention to them) will change your mind about your choice of candidate.  Again, it is the opposing party who should be blamed for the negativity in the campaign!


Yet, deep in your heart, you pray for undecided voters to side with you!  If so, then you believe in them as kingmakers.  Not only do they decide your fate for the next four years, but also the fate of the world for choosing the next president of the only super power of the world.  I was going to state the “undisputed super power”, but thanks to the gang of idiots, terrorists have well disputed it!


Something is definitely wrong with the way democracy is being materialized, but it is irrelevant because it is no longer a matter of who did what.  It is the vicious cycle of deception.  It is the forces of media and special interests to deceive the so called “undecided voters” into believing in their empty promises.  In fact, promises are to be broken, empty or not! 


Having said that, while the gap between Bush and Kerry on domestic issues is material, most observers believe their differences on foreign policy are cosmetic at best.  So let’s briefly look at two most likely scenarios.


If Bush is elected, or selected like in 2000 election, it is quite possible for his presidency to end by impeachment!   That is how history will repeat itself 3 decades after Watergate.  First, it is unlikely for republicans to take control of the Congress.  People will surely elect more democrats to balance the power.  Then there are some cans of worms to be opened after the election.  None of which is in favor of Bush.  A fight between two sides of Pennsylvania Avenue will break out almost immediately.  On the top of that, Bush has no credibility on foreign policy to form a meaningful alliance to win the fight against terrorism or to expand American imperialism.  The only beneficiary would be Iranian people who escape a repeat of Iraqi fiasco on our beloved land.  That is, of course, not what Bush has in mind for us, but he would be helpless to do anything about it.


If Kerry is elected, then the real kingmakers will have a new face in the white house.  Besides, to balance the power, republicans will become the majority again, to keep controlling the Congress.  Bush will not be able to serve the interest of the real kingmakers anymore.  Unless they are obsessed with recycling, Bush is like a used toilet paper to be flushed down the history.  A new face is crucial to American imperialism for building new alliances to rip off Middle East of its most valuable natural resource.  That is oil.  The flow of oil to the industrial world must continue at mid 20th century prices.  And the only way of doing it is by democracy!  That is right.  Democracy!  You guessed it right.  It is the “word” not the “meaning” that does it best.  A perfect analogy is the word “peace” for which so many “wars” have been fought!


No western country has ever shown the slightest interest in a real democratic government in an oil producing country in the Middle East, or South America for that matter.  The royal family in Saudi Arabia is the perfect example of a “democratic government” blessed by American liberation Army!  It is the oil field they are interested in, not the people.


Oh yes, Kerry will keep his promise.  He will not tax the American middle class for the deficit.  And even if he raises tax on the rich, it will not be enough.  Iran is a good chunk of goodies to fill the hole!  It is pay back time.  Mullahs must go!



Mohamad Purqurian

October 13, 2004