Here you have it!  Bush is actually elected not by the order of the Supreme Court; but by electoral vote AND by the popular majority vote of American people. 


This is democracy in action.  It is played like a game.  You either win or lose.  In a time of peace and prosperity this political game is played well.  The loser would concede his defeat, and his followers would go back to business as usual in no time. 


However, for over 56 million American voters who had bitterly fought for a different prospect for their future, it is not easy to do so.  The bitterness is deep simply because another 60 million of them chose the status quo.  It boils down to less than 4% of voters who decided the faith of a nation. 


I am really amused by Iranian media in exile!  They do everything to suggest the religious theme of American election was indeed democracy, but religious aspiration in Iran is fanaticism!  They simply ignore 56 million Americans who voted against Bush, but tell the whole world that a fraction of Iranian voters are the majority in Iran!!


So forget about the complicated system of Electoral College, kingmakers, or any other system in which democracy is applied.  The fundamental basis of democracy is the rule of majority.  The fundamental misconception about it is the perception that the majority is right!  Even when it is truly functional, it goes only so far to select a minority to take care of the business for a certain period of time. 


Thus, there is nothing sacred about democracy.  Nor is there anything wonderful about it.  A group of people takes control of the government to advance a particular socio political platform believed to better serve the nation as a whole (assuming the best intentions).  The other groups will have to take the pain of losing the game.  It is a bitter pain you never want to experience whether in a totalitarian regime or a democratic one.


Virtually most major multi cultural states voted against the arrogant Bush.  In other words, people who had a chance to know other ethnicities, cultural, and national groups, rejected the arrogance of “either with me or against me”.  But the torrent stream of mid west and southern states in which little or no experience of cross cultural population existed embraced his pomposity even if it costs them dearly. 


While all three branches of the government are controlled by a single party, the country has never been so deeply divided.  The whole hoopla of winning the election faded out even before Bush delivered his victory speech in which he made a promise to those who opposed him: “I will do all I can do to deserve your trust”.  He said: “We have one country, one constitution, and one future...”  He left out “one party” that controls it all!


Religion is still a powerful factor in any socio political system.  Democrats have already started talking religion, but from the books of Mathew and Luke!  Republicans kept going to Church when Clinton was having an affair with Monika!  Well, their prayers paid off!!!  Now it is democrats turn to really believe in the sacred word of god.  Losers are never disappointed turning to religion!  Who knows maybe Hillary will be blessed to become the first woman chosen by the almighty to lead His favorite country on planet earth!


When religion succeeds in making a mandate for the state, people will have to sacrifice some of their basic human rights like freedom of speech.  It does not matter whether the government is a democratically elected like that of the United States or a religious oligarchy like Islamic Republic of Iran.


Ironically a second term is good for both America and the rest of the world!


Domestically, he will have to fix the mess he created in his first term.  Republicans who control all three branches of government will have no excuse to shift the blame to democrats anymore.  Although they are shameless enough to do it anyway!  Kingmakers will have to slow down in squeezing the blood out of the middle class.  The diminishing rate of return on churning process has reached its lowest point, and republicans will have no choice but to reach out for democrats to fix this huge deficit.


Internationally, I prefer a beast in the cage than a colorful poisonous snake in my back yard.  Like I said before, Bush has no credibility in the international community to advance American imperialism.  What the narrow minded far right political action committees missed to comprehend is the fact that when you select a less qualified team to compete in Olympic, you should not expect making it to the chart against those who do not share your self served values.  Take the ludicrous coalition forces in Iraq as an example.  Four of them will be leaving by March 05. 


The whole purpose of military shock and awe is to make the invaded country concede defeat before it is too late.  Both Palestine and Iraq proved it wrong.  The invading force will leave a hopeless nation no choice but to nurture terrorism.  Hopefully, a beast in the cage will not be able to expand hopelessness, and as its direct consequences international terrorism will become a nuisance like internal terrorism.



Mohamad Purqurian

November 03, 2004