My name is Mohamad Purqurian, aka Steve M Purqurian.  I was a fiction writer and a poet as early as age 11. As a teenager, I published some of my works in Toufiq, Keyhan and Javanan. Later, in early 70s, I wrote in depth scholarly articles for Tehran Economist, and the Journal of Iranian Society of Expert Accountants.

I joined an independent group of Iranian Ph.D. students to discuss political affairs of Iran during revolution in late 70s and early 80s. I was, and still am, a participant in socio-political and cultural affairs of Iranians with no affiliation to any political party whatsoever.

I joined a group of caring Iranians who established the first full fledged Iranian School in San Diego, California. Soon I was elected the chairman of the board, and founded Persian Cultural Center in 1987. I am also a permanent board member of Kamal Cultural Foundation, and currently serve as its chairman of the board, and Chief Executive Officer.

I received my Master degree in accounting from National Iranian Oil Company School of Accountancy and Finance, Tehran, Iran 1976.  I received my Ph.D. degree in Management and Organizational Development from US International University, San Diego, California, 1982.  I passed the CPA exam, in 1983, amongst the top 2% candidates in the nation.

I was the head of Direct Investment Division of the Bankers Investment Company of Iran before I left Iran to pursue my doctoral education in the USA. As parts of my teaching experience, I thought graduate management accounting at National University in San Diego, and Costa Rica. I also worked as an auditor for the County of San Diego.

I am self employed running my consulting firm, established in 1983, as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in San Diego, California.