Dear Mohammad, I read your massage, as well as the related argument, and your reply, all the way to end.Then I forwarded to a friend of mine. Below you may read his reply. Best regards, Kaveh ****** What is mentioned in the argument is true not just about Islam, but about Christianity and Judaism as well. Moreover, when we talk about Islam, what "Islam" do we mean? "Abdul Karim Sharestani" in his book "Al-Melal val Nahal" talks about roughly 300 Islamic sects. "Al-Baghdadi" in his book "Alfarq Beyn Alferaq" says Muslims were about 200 sects, yet all of them hate each other to death, and have been killing each other's women and kids with no mercy since the death of the prophet Mohammad continuing to this day. The successors of the prophet despite being a close family; used to abuse and curse each other, if not fighting hard. The history of Islam is written with blood, slavery, plundering, raping other nation's wives and daughters. The Prophet Mohammad in the last ten years in Medina had more than eighty holy wars. In all wars Muslims used to kill non-Muslims and cease all their properties, rape their victim's women and girls, and slave them. Then, Abu Bakr the very first successor, within two years did the same, then Omar the second successor who was the son in law of Ali and Saint Zahra did much worse to all Arabs' neighbours, including Iran the most civilized nation, until he was killed by an Iranian prisoner of war ('lu'ah / Then the Ottoman, the third Caliph of Islam who had married two of the prophet's daughters one after another continued the holy war policy until he was killed by Iranian and Egyptian rebels. Then, Ali the fourth Caliph within five years and few months was engaged in savage bloody wars first with the prophet's most favourite wife and two of his best friends who were promised heaven, then with a close relative of the prophet, then with very true believers of Islam, until he was murdered by on of them. The rest of the story is too long and very painful to tell. You may read "Tarikh Al-Kholofa" (The history of the Caliphs) written by "Sheikh Seyooti", one of the most reliable Islamist historian to see how violent, womanizing, greedy, cruel and some of them homosexual were. One must be fair and logical, if any Christian leader writes a letter to any country's leader and call him and his people to convert to Christianity, otherwise he must very humbly pay a toll to keep his faith or his homeland, his people will be taken for slavery, his women and girl will be slaves. Does anyone accept this kind of brutality? Now, the Christianity and Judaism is more of less the same. When you read the story of the Creation in any Semite holy book--Judaism, Christianity and Islam (, you will get stunned. God created man to live in peace and harmony, respect the freedom of choice, and respect the motherland, not be oppressed by any faith, or ideology. God gave us wisdom to follow the rule of science and logic.

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