Egyptian Cyberspace



I read this very interesting article by our dear Soraya:


While it is titled “Rude Awakening”, I do not believe ORDINARY Egyptians or even Americans are dead to the world.  Controlled media with all of the so called prestigious pundits are more entertaining figures than political analysts.  Like Soraya so intelligently mentioned the fact, only a fraction of Iranian and/or Egyptian people are twitter boys and girls to take them seriously.  Obviously they can be easily mobilized, but their excitement (like all foot soldiers) die in the battle without ever sustaining a war.


Having said that, it is not just the U.S., Europe and Israel watching for their interests in such events.  Every single political entity in the world is.  The only difference is the historical fact that power wielders take the initiative for a “shock and awe” to disable others.  That is why their (paid and unpaid agents) in targeted countries, e.g. Iran, are prompted to agitate their followers for similar effects.  


Well, the history of great empires (including Persian and Roman ones) have thought us that “shock and awe” tactics work only when an empire is RISING.  American imperialism is NOT rising.  In fact, it is the most pathetic declining empire the world has ever witnessed.  It is a lot worse than falling period of Roman empire when emperors kept fighting in so many different fronts.  At that time, except for political elites (e.g. Senators who were under continuous threat of assassination), ordinary Romans enjoyed a good life.  American imperialism is “fighting in so many different fronts” alright, but the opposite is true.  While political elites (including their puppets in subjugated countries) comfortably enjoy luxury living, ordinary citizens can hardly make a living.  Not only, ordinary American citizens do not benefit from imperialism, but also they are under tremendous threat of terrorism they gradually come to realize is the byproduct of their fruitless imperialism.  That is not to say American imperialism will fall in the near future, but to look for other rising stars to put an end to imperialism altogether.


Going back to Middle East, let’s say, the U.S. played a major role in 1979 Iranian Revolution ousting an arrogant Shah.  Okay, the “shock and awe” initiative did win her the battle to oust a terminally ill ally, but IRI is the living proof for her losing the war.  If you think the U.S. has learned her lesson, look nowhere but the post election debacle in Iran less than two years ago!  Despite all the propaganda against IRI, except for limited cyberspace players, ordinary people all over the world look up to Iran for inspiration.  So chances are twitter boys and girls will win the “battle” for the U.S. in Egypt, but ordinary Egyptian sustain the war to win.



Mohamad Purqurian

January 31, 2011